It was elevated as a metropolitan archdiocese on April 28, 1934 with the diocese of Dumaguete, Maasin, Tagbilaran, and Talibon as suffragans.

Situated in a magnificent bay and at a strategic  point between the Pasig River and the sea, Manila quickly became important as the oriental entrepot of the Galleon Trade and the Spanish dominions in the Americas. Intramuros  was the hub of Spain's colonial enterprise and the mother country ensured its survival through typhoons, fires, earthquakes, invasions, and epidemics.

The first weaver would make the hat's crown or head, the second would make the brim, the third would close the brim while the fourth would bleach the fiber. 

Jose Abad Santos could have just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the view. He could have chosen the eay way out - cooperate with the enemy and live out his last years in privilege. All he needed to do was raise his right hand in a mythical pledge of allegiances, as many others had done. But he knew he could never live with the fact that if he did so, he would be a traitor not just to his beloved  country, but to the very principles and ideals he held sacred in life.

During the American occupation, the building served as a laboratory where minerals, agricultural products, and fauna of the Philippines would be stored and studied.

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June 7, 2018 (Thu)
Film Showing: "Ang Larawan"
Cocktails at 5:00pm
Film showing starts at 6:00pm
Donation P100.00 (used books welcomed - preferably children's books)
Ortigas Foundation Library
Pasig City
Seats are limited. Call 631-1231 loc 187 to pre-register.
Ortigas Foundation Library Exhibit - Bataan Death March - Remembered
Ground Floor of Casa Candaba, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar
Bagac, Bataan
Call 631-1231 local 187 (Ortigas Foundation Library)
Call 332-5338 or 332-5286 (Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar)
Ortigas Foundation Library Exhibit - The Churches of the Philippines: Our Lasting Links with Spain 
Casa Candaba, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar
Bagac, Bataan
Call 631-1231 local 187 (Ortigas Foundation Library)
Call 332-5338 or 332-5286 (Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar)
DVD: Heneral Luna - The official DVD of the film "Heneral Luna" is now available for sale at P699 at the Ortigas Foundation Library Shop. Grab your copy now!
We have now opened our Conservation Services to the public.
The Ortigas Foundation Library's foreign-trained conservation team has over ten years of experience in book and paper restoration. Our services are reasonably priced and any income derived is for the continued operations of the library.
Seminar and Conference Rooms are available at the Ortigas Foundation Library.
(as of April 2018)

Ortigas Foundation Library: One of the 10-Best Libraries in Manila
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The OFI Library  is a Philippine study center with a collection of nearly 21,000 books, serials, images, and documents relating to Philippine history with some dating back to the 17th century.
The OFI Library produced mobile photo exhibits of Filipiniana imagery of various themes which are brought to different schools, universities, local museums, churches and other public venues in Manila as well as the provinces. Interested parties may request for these exhibits. Other exhibits featuring original library materials from the collections are held within the foundation premises.
The foundation also hosts conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops and other interdisciplinary events. The seminar and conference rooms provide the venue for our educational and cultural programs. These rooms are also available for rent for cultural, socio-civic, as well as corporate activities.