The Sublime Paralytic's Source of Thought



Apolinario Mabini, the sublime paralytic and brains of the Philippine revolution, wrote several books, manifestos, articles and plans for the independent Filipino Government. As a prolific writer, his great influences were Jose Rizal and western scholastic philosophers like St. Thomas Aquinas. He became a product of western enlightenment and was able to synthesize such liberal political and social thoughts in his plans for the Filipinos during the revolution. He was described as one of the pioneer thought leaders who brought western liberal and political social philosophy to Asia. 

Reference to this historical fact can be found in one of the books at the Ortigas Foundation Library. The Political, Social and Moral Philosophy of Apolinario Mabini, authored by Adriano C. Reyno Jr., published in 1964 by the Catholic Trade School. The book discuss Apolinario Mabini's sources of political, social and moral thought in his writings during the Philippine revolution. 

Photos of Apolinario Mabini in this article were taken from the book The I Stories: The Events in the Philippine Revolution and the Filipino-American War as told by Its Eyewitnesses and Participants, De Viana 2006.