August 29 2018

Prepare yourself for "GOYO: Ang Batang Heneral" (Part 2 of the Trilogy) [coming in theaters September 2018]

Ortigas Foundation will be showing "Heneral Luna" (Part 1 of the Trilogy) and "Angelito", a 20-minute spinoff which is a bridge to the upcoming film.

June 7 2018

Director Loy Arcenas will give a short talk before the movie.

May 18 2018 to May 19 2018

May 18-19, 2018 Workshop

March 15 2018

Highlight of the lecture will be the winning book "Lincoln in the Bardot" from the recent "Man Booker" event 

March 13 2018 to March 14 2018

Renowned contemporary book binder, Mark Cockram is coming back to Manila for the 3rd time to conduct a 2-day advanced workshop. 

November 28 2017

Do your Christmas shopping with Ortigas Foundation Library's unique fund-raising items!

September 5 2017 to September 6 2017