July 7 2014 to July 11 2014

In celebration of the 83rd Anniversary of Ortigas and Company Limited Partnership, Ortigas Foundation, Inc. (OFI) will be having its exhibit, along with the groups of Ortigas Holdings, Inc., -- Greenhills Shopping Centre, Circulo Verde and Capitol Commons -- from July 7-11, 2014 (Monday-Sunday) at the Ground Floor of Virra Mall.

For more information, you may get in touch with Hanzel/Alyssa at 631-1231 to 38 local 187/181.

May 8 2014

Glenn May will speak about his latest book, A Past Updated and will share his technique of focusing on the stories of everyday life to approximate historical reality.


April 10 2014

FORGOTTEN SOLDIERS: A documentary film about the United States Army’s Philippine Scouts.

February 25 2014

Jessica Cox is a motivational speaker so Ortigas Library Foundation invites you to an evening of listening to this incredible young woman achieve her dreams. In this world, Persons with Disabilities (PWD) have to work so much harder to gain acceptance and respect, get a job and have a satisfying life. Listen to how Jessica did it and set your own course as well.

February 13 2014

Oro, Plata, Mata is one of the best films directed by Peque Gallaga. It is considered as one of the films that most likely to be a masterpiece in the Philippines.

It tells the story of a family who is scared to be involved in the war and decided to go to the woods in which they have created huts and rooms for their family but as the longer they stay there the nearer they get to danger.

December 9 2013

Despite having lost their houses and some losing their loved ones and having fled to Manila to live with relatives, 190 Leyte and Samar teachers want to go back and teach some more.

December 5 2013

There are countless books on that period and the role Gen. Douglas MacArthur played, but there are many unanswered questions: Was MacArthur able to prepare for the impending war with Japan? Was there complacency; a sense that America was invincible? How could a surprise aerial attack occur at Clark Field destroying much of the Air Force planes.

November 27 2013

Winter 1943. A battalion of the Blue Division encounters a series of horses' heads scattered on the frozen surface of a lake. The bodies are submerged beneath the ice.

November 6 2013

Pablo aka "El Bola" is a twelve-year-old boy who suffers abuse by his father.

September 21 2013

A day tour of Pila Laguna's heritage town, local cuisine and a lecture on a rare book printed in Pila on 1613 entitled "Vocabulario de Lengua Tagala"