Library Holdings

Title Author Copyright Class No
A flora of Manila
  • Merrill, Elmer Drew
GEN QK 368 M59 1912
A friar's account of the Philippine revolution : an unpublished manuscript of Fr. Marcos Gomez, O.F.M., about the Philippine revolution of 1898 in Ambos, Camarines
  • Gomez, Marcos
GEN DS 679 G66 1980
A frontier doctor
  • Hoyt, Henry Franklin
GEN R 154 H69 A33 1929
A G.I. named Brown
  • Brown, Robert Morris
GEN D 767.4 B881g 1957
A Garrison state in the make and other speeches
  • Aquino, Benigno S.
GEN DS 686.6 A68 A24 1985
A gender review of selected economic laws in the Philippines GEN KPM 516 G45 2006
A general collection of the best and most interesting voyages and travels in all parts of the world; many of which are now first translated into English
  • Pinkerton, John
RARE G 161 P65 1812 Vol 11
A generation later : household strategies and economic change in the rural Philippines.
  • Eder, James F.
GEN HC 458 S353 E34 2000
A glimpse of children's development
  • Calero, Ana Mari
GEN LB 1140 C14 1975
A global history of man.
  • Stavrianos, Leften S.
GEN G 126 S78 1962
A globegadder's diary
  • Parlette, Ralph Albert
GEN G 440 P2 1927
A grammar of the Maguindanao tongue according to the manner of speaking it in the interior and on the south coast of the island of Mindanao GEN PL 5912 J83 1906
A grammar of the Tagalog language, the chief native idiom of the Philippine islands
  • Blake, Frank Ringgold
GEN PL 6053 B6 1925
A great friendship
  • Tomas, Jindrich
GEN DS 675.8 R5 T66 1992
A guide book of Philippine paper money : a comprehensive illustrated valuation catalog of Philippine regular issue currency of the Spanish, U.S. and republican periods from 1852 to date ...
  • Shafer, Neil
GEN HG 1267 S5 1964 c.1
A guide book on the Philippine question
  • Kalaw, Maximo Manguiat
GEN DS 685 K33 1919
A guide for organizing and operating a small electric utility company GEN TK 4224 P5 1958
A guide to Catholic action in the Philippines
  • Sevilla, Victor J.
GEN BX 809 Se84 1953
A guide to families of common flowering plants in the Philippines
  • Castro, Irma Remo
GEN QK 368 C35 2006
A guide to Luna and Hidalgo paintings in the Lopez Memorial Museum REF ND 1027 G8 1979
A guide to the museum of the Filipino people GEN AM 101 G946
A guide to the Tagalog dialect in the Philippines REF PL 6055 P6 1944
A guidebook to the museums of Metro Manila REF AM 79 P6 G85 1988 c.1
A guidebook to the museums of Mindanao REF AM 79 P62 M563 1991
A guidebook to the museums of Northern Luzon REF AM 79 P52 L8 1996
A guidebook to the museums of Visayas REF AM P52 V5 G85 1992
A habit of shores : Filipino poetry and verse from English, 60's to the 90's : the sequel to a native clearing. GEN PS 9992.2 H33 1999
A handbook for elementary schools principals REF LB 1027 P5385 1962
A handbook for second language teaching
  • Llamzon, Teodoro A.
GEN LB 1578 L77 1970
A handbook for visitors to the U.S.A.
  • Rohrlich, Beulah F.
GEN E 158 R64 1986
A handbook of exercises in English idiom GEN PE 1460 S85 1917
A handbook of researches in the Philippines, 1964-1965 REF Z 3291 H35
A handbook of Tagalog grammar : (with exercises) ; based on the official Balarila and especially written for non-Tagalog English-speaking students of the Filipino national language
  • Alejandro, Rufino
GEN PL 6053 A55 1954
A handbook of the National Federation of Women's Clubs of the Philippines. RARE HQ 1757 H236 1938
A handbook of the Philippines
  • Wright, Hamilton M.
REF DS 655 W75 1907
A handbook of the Philippines. RARE DS 659 W932 1909
A handbook of the sugar and other industries in the Philippines REF HD 9116 P5 S94 1953
A handy guidebook to the Ibaloi language
  • Anton, Sofia Olga
REF PL 5785 Z5 An88 2010
A harvest of green and gold : an anthology of short stories/ edited by Elmer A. Ordoñez. GEN PL 5539 O73 H37 2004
A heritage of saints : colonial santos in the Philippines
  • Gatbonton, Esperanza Bunag
GEN N 7981 G38 1979
A hero worth living for
  • Villadolid, Alice Colet
GEN DS 686.6 A6 V44 2007
A historic-philosophical analysis of the Chinese diffusion in Southeast Asia
  • Nggawa, Darius
GEN DS 509.5 N499
A historical analysis of the Philippine revolution : a critical approach to history as simplicity
  • Martinez, Manuel F.
GEN DS 676 M37 2002
A historical analysis of the Philippine revolution : a critical approach to history as simplicity
  • Martinez, Manuel F.
GEN DS 676 M375 2002 c.1
A historical and judicial study of the Philippine Bill of Rights
  • Bernas, Joaquin G.
GEN JQ 1420 B1 B456
A historical study of American military occupation of the Lake Lanao Region (1901-1913).
  • Funtecha, Henry Florida
THE DS 688 F982h 1974
A historical study of the guerrilla movement in Pangasinan, 1942-1945
  • Estrada, William Ll.
RARE D 767.4 E88 1951
A historical study of the Japanese-sponsored Republic of the Philippines.
  • Ambrosio, Adoracion D.
THE DS 686.4 A496h 1952
A historical study of the Panay resistance movement during the Japanese occupation.
  • Plagata, Romulo D.
THE D 767.4 P698h 1958
A historical study of the progress of public education in the Philippines from 1901-1951.
  • Nierras, Leticia C.
THE LB 2823 N676h 1952
A historico-critical study on the Iglesia ni Kristo
  • Alonzo, Manuel P., Jr.
GEN BX 9998 A172 1959 c.1
A history of Africa south of the Sahara.
  • Wiedner, Donald L.
GEN DT 352 W48 1962
A history of amateur radio in the Philippines
  • Reyes, Edmundo A.
GEN TX 9956 R33 1974
A history of American foreign policy
  • Latane, John Holladay
GEN JX 1407 L33
A history of applied entomology (somewhat anecdotal)
  • Howard, L.O.
GEN SB 931 H69 1930
A history of Asia
  • Grousset, Rene
GEN DS 33 G823 1963
A history of Asia : old empires, Western penetration, and the rise of new nations since 1600
  • Bingham, Woodbridge
GEN DS 33 B5 1964 v.2
A history of Asia; formation of civilizations from Antiquity to 1600
  • Bingham, Woodbridge
GEN DS 33 B5 1964 v.1
A History of Bataan (1587-1900) scanning its geographic, social, political and economic terrain
  • Bascara, Cornelio R.
GEN DS 688 B2 B29 2010
A history of Byzantium
  • Lemerie, Paul
GEN DF 552.5 L3613 1964
A history of Christianity in the Philippines : the initial encounter
  • Sitoy, T. Valentino, Jr.
GEN BR 1260 S57 1985
A history of civilization : 1300 to 1815
  • Brinton, Crane
GEN CB 53 B772 1976
A history of civilization : 1815 to the present
  • Brinton, Crane
GEN CB 53 B772 1976
A history of civilization.
  • Brinton, Crane
GEN CB 53 C754 1965 v.1
A history of civilization.
  • Brinton, Crane
GEN CB 53 C754 1967 v.2
A history of Colegio De La Immaculada Concepcion, Cebu City, 1880-1966.
  • Gonzales, Milagros Narvios
THE LC 507 G643h 1966
A history of early medieval Europe from 476-911
  • Deanesly, Margaret
GEN D 102 M44 1956
A history of England from the coming of the English to 1918
  • Feiling, Keith
GEN DA 30 F4 1966
A history of geographical discovery and exploration.
  • Baker, John Norman Leonard
GEN G 80 B3 1931
A history of Germany from the earliest times
  • Lewis, Charlton T.
GEN DD 90 L67 1874
A history of Hong Kong
  • Endacott, G.B.
GEN DS 796 H757 1958
A history of India : from the earliest times to the present day
  • Dunbar, George
GEN DS 436 D9 1936
A history of komiks of the Philippines and other countries
  • Roxas, Cynthia
GEN PN 4784 C68 R81 1985
A history of Latin America
  • Webster, Hutton
GEN F 1410 W38 1941
A history of Latin America for schools.
  • Inman, Samuel Guy
GEN F 1410 I55 1944
A history of Malaya and her neighbors.
  • Moorehead, F.J.
GEN DS 596 M62 1957 v.1
A history of Malaya.
  • Moorehead, F.J.
GEN DS 596 M62 1963 v.2
A history of Malaya: A.D. 1400-1959
  • Kennedy, J.
GEN DS 596 K4 1962
A history of modern Sabah (North Borneo, 1881-1963)
  • Tregonning, Kennedy G.
GEN DS 646.33 T65 1965
A history of modern Southeast Asia : colonialism, nationalism, and decolonization
  • Bastin, John
GEN DS 511 B34 1968 c.1
A history of modern Southeast Asia : colonialism, nationalism, and decolonization
  • Bastin, John
GEN DS 511 B34 1968 c.2
A history of Negros Occidental
  • Sa-Onoy, Modesto P.
GEN DS 688 N52 S36 1992
A history of our country : a textbook for high-school students.
  • Muzzey, David Saville
GEN E 178.1 M9926 1939
A history of Philippine journalism.
  • Yorro, Dionisio K.
THE PN 4793 Y65h 1947
A history of Portugal
  • Nowell, Charles E.
GEN DP 538 N68 1952
A history of publishing in the Philippines
  • Buhain, Dominador D.
GEN Z 461.3 H58 1998
A history of Quezon Province
  • Martinez, Manuel F.
GEN DS 688 Q4 M37 1997
A history of Russia
  • Kirchner, Walter
GEN DK 4 K5 1955
A history of Samar Island, the Philippines, 1768-1898
  • Cruikshank, Robert Bruce
GEN DS 688 S18 O78 1975
A history of Sarawak under its two white Rajahs, 1839-1908
  • Baring-Gould, S.
GEN DS 597.37 B37 1989
A history of South India from prehistoric times to the fall of Vijayanagar
  • Nilakanta Sastri, K.A.
GEN DS 484 N5 1966
A history of South-East Asia
  • Hall, D.G.E.
GEN DS 511 H15 1955
A history of Soviet Russia
  • Rauch, Georg von
GEN DK 266 R372 1964
A history of Spain
  • Descola, Jean
GEN DP 66 D423 1963
A history of Spain
  • Chapman, Charles E.
GEN DP 68 C4 1965
A history of Spain from the beginnings to the present day
  • Altamira, Rafael
GEN DP 66 A672 1949
A history of the 1902 Chinese exclusion act : American colonial transmission and deterioration of Filipino - Chinese relations
  • Alejandrino, Clark L.
GEN DS 666 A366h 2003
A history of the African people
  • July, Robert W.
GEN DT 20 J8 1970
A history of the ancient world
  • Botsford, George Willis
GEN D 59 B735 1937
A history of the Club Filipino
  • Mendoza, Aida Sevilla
GEN HS 3115 P5 M46 1972 c.1