Library Holdings

Title Author Copyright Class No
A personal story, 50 years
  • Adevoso, Eleuterio Lavengco
GEN DS 686.478 A34 A33 1989 c.1
A Philippine album : American era photographs 1900-1930
  • Best, Jonathan
GEN DS 681 B48 1998
A Philippine grammar of the English language
  • Poblador,Filemon
GEN PE 1111 P7 1932
A Philippine odyssey : a collection of featured travel articles
  • Layug, Benjamin L.
GEN DS 657 L39 2005
A Philippine rural school : its cultural dimension
  • Manalang, Priscila S.
GEN LB 1621 M35 1977
A pictorial biography : John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States of America 1917-1963. GEN E 842 F58
A pictorial cyclopedia of Philippine ornamental plants
  • Madulid, Domingo A.
GEN SB 403.2 M34 1995
A Polish chapter in Jacksonian America : the United States and the Polish exiles of 1831.
  • Lerski, Jerzy Jan
GEN E 184 P7 L4 1958
A political history of the Philippines
  • Diamonon, Victoriano D.
GEN JQ 1315 D53 1930
A political journey
  • Kalaw, Eva Estrada
GEN DS 686.6 K3 2008
A portrait of the artist as Filipino : an elegy in three scenes.
  • Joaquin, Nick
GEN PS 9993 J62 P6 1966
A postal history of the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, 1941-1945
  • Garrett, Eugene A.
GEN HE 7265 G37 1992
A Practical Guide to Modern European History, 1789-1939
  • Selleman, R.R.
REF D 359 S4 1948
A preface to Pilipino literature
  • San Juan, E.
GEN PL 5531 S33 1971
A preliminary annotated bibliography of Pilipino linguistics, 1604-1976
  • Makarenko, Vladimir A.
GEN PL 6051 Z9 M34 2004
A preliminary bibliography of Philippine cultural minorities
  • Antonio, Celia M.
GEN Z 5118 M5An88 1967
A preliminary reconnoissance of the Mancayan-Suyoc mineral region, Lepanto, P.I.
  • Eveland, A.J.
RARE TN 113 P6 A3
A priest to the world and other prose works
  • Mella, Cesar T.
GEN PL 5539 M44 P7 1984
A primary reader masasayang bata= happy children
  • Pineda, Juliana C.
TXT PE 1121 P44 1990 c.1
A primer of the Philippine Constitution
  • Sinco, Vicente G.
GEN JQ 1415 A5 S55 1935 c.1
A primer on R.A. 9485 : the anti-red tape act of 2007 GEN JF 1501 P76 2008
A profile of Filipino women : their status and role
  • Aleta, Isabel Rojas
GEN HQ 1763 A25 1977
A program for the development of people. GEN HN 15 P76 1972
A pronouncing gazetteer and geographical dictionary of the Philippine Islands, United States of America with maps, charts and illustrations. RARE DS 654 U56 1902 v.1
A pronouncing gazetteer and geographical dictionary of the Philippine Islands, United States of America with maps, charts and illustrations. RARE DS 654 U56 1902 v.2
A pronouncing gazetteer and geographical dictionary of the Philippine Islands, United States of America. : Also the law of civil government in the Philippine Islands passed by Congress and approved by the President, July 1, 1902 RARE DS 654 U56 1902
A proposed measure of intellectual maturation for Filipino college students. THE LB 2341 I15p 1960
A proposed plan for the development of Marawi City, Philippines THE HN 720 M37 M55 1970
A proposito de "Limasawa"
  • De Veyra, Jaime C.
SPA G 420 D278p 1949
A provisional classification of Tagalog verbs
  • McFarland, Curtis D.
GEN PL 6053 M15 1976
A Quaker pioneer : Laura Haviland, superintendent of the Underground.
  • Danforth, Mildred E.
GEN E 450 D26 1961
A quality of sadness : 10 stories
  • Maayo, Geraldine C.
GEN PL 5539 M112qu 1987
A question of heroes
  • Joaquin, Nick
GEN DS 653.7 J63 1977
A question of heroes : essays in criticism on ten key figures of Philippine history
  • Joaquin, Nick
GEN DS 653.7 J63q 1977
A question of identity : selected essays
  • Nakpil, Carmen (Guerrero)
GEN PL 5536 N146 1973
A question of sovereignty : what legitimate right did Spain have to its territorial expansion?
  • Brunal-Perry, Omaira
GEN KKT 209 B78 1993
A rapture of distress : poems
  • Espino, Federico Licsi
GEN PL 5539 E7 R3 1983
A re-statement of tagalog grammar
  • Wolfenden, Elmer
REF PL 6053 W6 1961
A realistic economic policy for the Philippines : speech delivered at the Philippine Columbian Association on September 26, 1956.
  • Recto, Claro M.
GEN HC 455 R31 1956
A record of Buddhistic kingdoms : being an account by the Chinese monk Fa^-hien of his travels in India and Ceylon (A.D. 399-414) in search of the Buddhist books of discipline
  • Faxian
REF DS 6 F33 1965
A red rose for Andrea : writings from prison
  • Ipong, Angie B
GEN DS 686.6 I66 2012
A renaissance woman : a collection of essays in honor of Dr. Lourdes Reyes Montinola GEN PR 9550.9 R4 2013
A report to the Bell Mission. GEN HC 455 M35 1950
A republic is born : official commemorative volume on Independence Day, July 4, 1946 GEN JQ 1401 A11 1948
A revolutionary odyssey : the life and times of Gaston Z. Ortigas
  • Ortigas, Gaston Z.
GEN CT 1798 O78 A37 1994
A right to survive : subsistence marketing in a lowland Philippine town
  • Szanton, Maria Cristina Blanc
GEN HF 5475 P52 E8 S92 1972
A Rizal anthology
  • National Heroes Commission
RIZ DS 675.8 N277r 1964
A Rizal anthology RIZ DS 675.8 R63 N213 1994
A Rizal anthology : a selection of winning literary pieces from various contests held under the auspices of the Jose Rizal National Centennial Commission. GEN DS 675.8 R5 A1 R59 1994
A rock and a fortress : a true war story of victory through Christian faith in the mountains and jungles of the Japanese-occupied Philippines, with vital implications for Americans today
  • Arnold, Robert H.
GEN PS 3551 R55 1979
A role in Manila : fifteen tales of war, postwar, peace, and adventure
  • Burdick, Eugene
GEN PZ 4 B94Ro 1966
A rose by any other name
  • Hancock, Rose
GEN CT 1798 H36 A3 1992
A Sagada reader GEN DS 666 I2 S5999 1988
A sailor boy with Dewey : or, Afloat in the Philippines
  • Bonehill, Ralph
GEN PS 3537 T817 S24 1899
A sampling of Philippine kinship patterns.
  • Elkins, Richard E.
GEN GN 480 S85 1984
A satire of two nations : exploring images of the Japanese in Philippine political cartoons
  • Rivera, Helen Yu
GEN NC 1720 P5 R621s 2009
A scrapbook about Edsa 2 : people power uli,with jokes, text messages, photos, digital images and more GEN DS 687.5 S27 2001
A season for sunflowers : a novel
  • Arguelles, Victor
GEN PS 9993 Ar694s 2009
A season of grace : a novel
  • Gonzalez, Nestor Vicente
GEN PZ 3 G5927sel 1956
A second look at America
  • Aguinaldo, Emilio
E 183.8 P5 A6 1957
A selected bibliography on Malaria in the Philippines
  • Walker, David
REF Z 6664 M3 W3 1953
A selection of books, manuscripts, and autograph letters of special interest and rarity
  • Maggs Bros.
REF Z 999 M195 1953 no.812
A selection of native Philippine orchids
  • Fessel, Hans H.
GEN QK 495 F752s 1999
A shaft of light
  • Soriano, Rafaelita Hilario
GEN DS 679 S67 1996
A short history of Cebu : 1500-1890's and the anti-Spanish revolution in Cebu
  • Sy, Dionisio A.
GEN DS 688 C4 S9 1996
A short history of civilization
  • Thorndike, Lynn
GEN CB 57 T5 1942
A short history of England
  • Cheyney, Edward P.
GEN DA 32 C53 1904
A short history of espionage
  • Ind, Allison
GEN UB 270 I5 1963
A short history of India and Pakistan from ancient times to the present
  • Wallbank, T. Walter
GEN DS 436 W34 1958
A short history of Italy from classical times to the present day
  • Hearder, H.
GEN DG 468 H4 1963
A short history of Malaya
  • Parkinson, Northcote
GEN DS 596 P3 1956
A short history of medicine in the Philippines during the Spanish regime, 1565-1898
  • Bantug, Jose Policarpio
GEN R 619 B3 1953
A short history of the ancient world
  • Smith, Charles Edward
GEN D 57 S62 1939
A short history of the Chinese people
  • Goodrich, Luther Carrington
GEN DS 735 G58 1943
A short history of the English people
  • Green, John Richard
GEN DA 30 G75 1899
A short history of the Far East
  • Latourette, Kenneth Scott
GEN DS 511 L3 1965
A short history of the Filipino people
  • Agoncillo, Teodoro A.
GEN DS 668 A272 1961
A short history of the Filipino people GEN DS 668 C37 1936
A short history of the Filipino people
  • Morrow, Louis LaRavoire
GEN DS 668 M834 1936 c.1
A short history of the Middle East: from the rise of Islam to modern times
  • Kirk, George E.
GEN DS 62 K54 1959
A short history of the Philippines
  • Agoncillo, Teodoro A.
GEN DS 668 A272 1969
A short history of the Philippines for elementary schools
  • Zafra, Nicolas
GEN DS 669 Z28 1966
A short history of the Philippines for use in Philippine schools
  • Jernegan, Prescott Ford
GEN DS 668 J55 1914
A short history of the Philippines; for use in Philippine schools
  • Jernegan, Prescott Ford
GEN DS 668 J55 1908
A short history of the United States 1492-1938.
  • Bassett, John Spencer
GEN E 178 B326 1939
A short history of the West Indies.
  • Parry, John Horace
GEN F 1621 P249 1963
A silent sacrifice
  • Jalandoni, Venicio
GEN DS 686.2 J3 A32 1998
A small party in a garden
  • Ty-Casper, Linda
GEN PL 5539 C34 S6 1988
A socio-economic and educational study of the Tinguians of Central Abra.
  • Terrenal, Regina C.
THE HB 3649 T325s 1964
A soldier must hang : the biography of an oriental general
  • Potter, John Deane
GEN D 804 P867s 1963
A soldier speaks : public papers and speeches of General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur
  • MacArthur, Douglas
GEN E 745 M3 A4 1965
A soldier's letter : April 19, 1900, Lipa, Batangas, Philippines
  • Lucian, Justin
GEN DS 659 L83 1995 c.1
A soldier's memories in peace and in war
  • Younghusband, George
GEN DA 68.32 Y6 A3 1898
A soldier's trial
  • King,Charles
GEN PS 2172 S6 1905
A soldier's World War II diary, 1943-45: between tedium and terror
  • Kahn, Sy M.
GEN D 811.5 K2913 1993
A sourcebook to the Museum of the Filipino People
  • Castro, Sandra
GEN AM 101 M3 C38 2005
A southern industrial complex
  • Duñgo, Nanette Garcia
GEN HN 716 D86 1969
A Spaniard in Aguinaldo's army : the military journal of Telesforo Carrasco y Perez
  • Carrasco y Perez, Telesforo
GEN DS 683.7 C37 1986
A Spaniard in the Portuguese Indies : the narrative of Martin Fernandez de Figueroa
  • Fernandez de Figueroa, Martin
GEN G 490 F45 1967
A special report on coinage and banking in the Philippine Islands
  • Conant, Charles A.
GEN HG 1264 C74 1901