Library Holdings

Title Author Copyright Class No
A spiritual son is born : our story with Padre Pio of Pietrelcina
  • Sanchez Campos, Fernando F
GEN BX 4705 P49 S2 2014
A stone for the edifice; memoirs of a President
  • Macapagal, Diosdado
GEN DS 686.6 M2 A53 c1968 c.1
A story from the Philippines
  • Driscoll, Katherine Elizabeth
GEN PS 3507 R6 S8 1902
A stream at Dalton Pass and other stories
  • Tiempo, Edilberto K.
GEN PL 5539 T5 S77 1970
A structural analysis of the social context.
  • Pascual, Ricardo L.
RARE H 61 P2815s 1950
A study of a 16th century Tagalog manuscript on the Ten Commandments : its significance and implications (Juan de Olivers "Declaracion de los Mandamientos de la de Dios")
  • Rosales, Antonio Ma.
GEN BV 4655 R67 1984
A study of Bagobo ceremonial, magic and myth.
  • Benedict, Laura Estelle Watson B.
GEN GN 671 P5 B45 1916
A study of Bohol literature (Hero-tale, drama, poetry and short story).
  • TIrol, Victoriano B. Jr.
THE PL 6175 T597s 1968
A study of health, hygienic, and sanitary conditions obtaining among rural homes
  • Tan, Antonio G.
GEN RA 771 T3 1960
A study of history
  • Toynbee, Arnold J.
GEN CB 63 T642 1960
A study of Japanese enterprises in the Philippines before and after the Second World War : focus on the Manila area, 1935-1951
  • De Viana, Augusto V.
GEN HG 5762 D47 2001
A study of metrical romances of the Philippines.
  • Profeta, Lydia M.
THE PL 3508 P964s 1951
A study of Philippine games.
  • Lopez, Mellie Leandicho
GEN GV 133 P5 L66 1980
A study of prehistoric Philippines
  • Sandoval, Ernesto C.
THE GN 855 S26 1960
A study of references to the Philippines in Chinese sources from earliest time to the Ming dynasty
  • Wu Ching-hong
GEN DS 740.5 P5 W95 1959
A study of tax burden by income class in the Philippines. GEN HJ 4768 P537 1964
A study of the development of post-war domestic civil aviation in the Philippines, 1946-1955.
  • Oporto, Sofio
THE TL 527 O62s 1957
A study of the different levels of language and their relations to knowledge.
  • Revilla, Jorge L.
THE P 53 R454 1950
A study of the effectiveness of teaching Pilipino in the boys' high school and the girls' high school of the University of San Carlos for the school year 1963-64.
  • Gonzales, Julieta Ongtawco
THE PL 6054 G463s 1965
A study of the Filipino repatriation movement
  • Coloma, Casiano P.
GEN JV 6891 F54 C65
A study of the Igorot language as spoken by the Bontoc Igorots
  • Waterman, Margaret P.
GEN PL 5732 W3
A study of the Iloco language
  • Swift, Henry
RARE PL 5752 S9 1909
A study of the life and letters of Gabriel M. Reyes, Archbishop of Manila.
  • Martelino, Felizardo C.
THE BX 4705 M376s 1951
A study of the life in the slum areas in Cebu City.
  • Dichoso, Fermin A.
THE HV 4145 D546s 1965
A study of the marriage customs and family practices of the family inhabitants of Siargao Island.
  • Sodusta, Jesusita
THE GT 2781 Q8s 1956
A study of the marriage customs of the rural population of the province of Cebu.
  • Quisumbing, Lourdes Reynes
THE GT 2781 Q8s 1956
A study of the personal problems of college students in St. Paul's schools in view of improving their guidance services.
  • Ponce, Benjamine D.
THE LB 1027.5 P792s 1961
A study of the Philippine social security system with special consideration for the city of Cebu.
  • Alfaro, Rosario R.
THE HD 7225 A385s 1962
A study of the types of Philippine literature with special emphasis on the novel
  • Veloro, A.T.
GEN PL 5531 A6 V546 1973
A study of the University of the Philippines
  • Hannah, John A.
REF LG 969 H31 1958
A stun of jewels
  • Angeles, Carlos A.
GEN PR 6051 N47 S8 1963
A suggested course of study on marriage and family life preparation for college in the light of the socio-cultural background of the Filipino.
  • Peña, Casilda P.
THE HQ 10.5 P397s 1968
A survey of American government
  • Zink, Harold
GEN JK 274 Z442
A survey of economic conditions in the Philippine Islands with particular reference to present and future development submitted to the Governor-General
  • Hammond, Lyman Pierce
GEN HC 455 H3 1928
A survey of economic conditions in the Philippine Islands with particular reference to present and future development.
  • Hammond, Lyman P.
GEN HC 455 H35 1928
A survey of Filipino literature
  • Tonogbanua, Francisco G.
GEN PL 5531 T66 1956
A survey of Filipino literature
  • Tonogbanua, Francisco G.
GEN PL 5531 T66 1965
A survey of foreign economic and technical assistance programs in the Philippines GEN HC 60 U6341 1966
A survey of local government in the Philippines
  • Romani, John H.
GEN JS 7303 A3 R661
A survey of Philippine literature in English GEN PL 5531 D886 1971
A survey of relations between Indonesian, Malay and the main languages of the Philippines.
  • Ruzui, Septy
THE PL 5506 R987s 1961
A survey of sources materials on the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, 1942-1945.
  • Faderon, Rosalie B.
THE DS 686.4 F144s 1974
A survey of the educational system of the Philippine Islands by the Board of Educational Surveys : created under acts 3162 and 3196 of the Philippine legislature
  • Monroe, Paul
GEN LA 1292 A3su 1925
A survey of the literature of the Filipinos
  • Panganiban, Jose Villa
GEN PL 5531 P193 1963
A survey of the present social, economic, and educational situation in the island of Siquijor.
  • Ligutom, Gaudencio P.
THE HN 720 L727s 1964
A survey of the public schools of the Philippines, 1960 GEN LB 2823 P5 1960
A survey of the socio-economic, religious, and educational conditions of the Mamanuas of Northeast Mindanao.
  • Maceda, Marcelino N.
THE HN 720 M141s 1954
A symposium on the Maragtas held on the 27th of January 1968 at the Epifanio de Los Santos Auditorium National Library Building. GEN GR 325 S96 1970
A syntactic analysis of basic sentence types in Tagalog.
  • Buenaventura, Amparo S.
THE PL 6054 B928s 1962
A Tagalog-English vocabulary REF PL 6056 P48 1940
A taste of home : Pinoy expats and food memories. GEN GT 2853 P5 T38
A tenderfoot in the tropics
  • Cretcher, Mack P.
GEN DS 659 C9 1918
A thousand days : John F. Kennedy in the White House.
  • Schlesinger, Arthur M.
GEN E 841 S3 1965
A thousand questions on supervision in Philippine government
  • Braum, Dan M.
GEN JQ 1410 B7
A thousand years of stoneware jars in the Philippines
  • Valdes, Cynthia O.
GEN NK 4365 C6 V35t 1992
A ticket to Manila
  • Caldwell, Bec
GEN DS 508 C27 1940
A time for growth grade V
  • Lardizabal, Amparo S.
TXT LC 315 P5 L3 1970
A token of our friendship : Philippine photos of male affection : first half of the 20th century
  • Silva, John L.
GEN HQ 1090 S55 2011
A topical vocabulary in English, Pilipino, Ilocano and Southern Kalinga REF PL 6056 S84 1980
A tourist guide to notable Philippine museums
  • Layug, Benjamin L.
GEN AM 79 P5 L39 2012
A tradition of leadership : Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Colayco, Maria Teresa
GEN HG 3318 B35 C6 1984
A translation of Amado V. Hernandez's Bayang malaya
  • Deveza, Eduardo T.
GEN PL 5548.4 H4 B313 1973
A traveler's guide to the Philippines : Luzon and Mindoro
  • Marshall, Mary
GEN DS 660 M39 1978
A treasury of art and relics of the past four centuries in the Philippines
  • Lerma, Jose
GEN NK 560 L562
A treasury of Mandaya and Mansaka folk literature GEN PL 5925 Z73 F952 1980
A treasury of Mexican folkways : the customs, myths, folklore, traditions, beliefs, fiestas, dances, and songs of the Mexican people.
  • Toor, Frances
GEN GR 115 T55 1947
A treatise on Philippine practice including the law of evidence applicable to all courts and all laws relating to the primary courts, topically arranged and annotated, with appropriate decisions of the Supreme Court and opinions of the Attorney General
  • Lobingier, Charles Summer
RARE KPM 3459 L635 L797t c1907
A treatise on the Morion festival in the Province of Marinduque, Philippines.
  • Semilla, Rafael J.
GEN GT 4881 M3 S44 1970
A treaty of peace between the United States and Spain : message from the President of the United States, transmitting a treaty of peace between the United States and Spain RARE E 723 U6 1899 pt.1
A trial of generals : Homma, Yamashita, MacArthur
  • Taylor, Lawrence
GEN JX 5441 M3 T38
A tribute to the movie queen : Carmen Rosales : ang tangi kong pag-ibig
  • Fernandez, Manny B
GEN PN 2918 R6 F47 2013
A trip to the city
  • La Salle Brothers
TXT PE 1130 Fe5 L33 1963
A union list of Filipiniana holdings of the member institutions of Albasa, Inc.: v.1. The Sciences: pure and applied REF Z 3299 U58
A United States midshipman in the Philippines
  • Stirling, Yates
GEN PS 3537 U5 1910
A vanished world : medieval Spain's golden age of enlightenment
  • Lowney, Chris
GEN DP 99 L695 2005
A vision of Makati, the city
  • Duldulao, Manuel D.
GEN DS 689 M173 D86
A visit to the Philippine islands
  • Bowring, John
GEN DS 658 B77 1859
A visit to the Philippine Islands [in 1858].
  • Bowring, John
REF DS 668 P9609 1963 v.3
A visit to the South Seas, in the U.S. ship Vincennes, during the years 1829 and 1830 with notices of Brazil, Peru, Manila, the Cape of Good Hope, and St. Helena
  • Stewart, C.S.
GEN G 477 S74 1970
A vocabulary of Central Cagayan Negrito
  • Oates, William James
REF PL 5721 Z5 O3 1955 c.1
A vocabulary of Central Cagayan Negrito
  • Oates, William J.
REF PL 5721 Z5 O3 1955 c.2
A vocabulary of Central Mindanao Manobo REF PL 6113 E466 1954 c.1
A vocabulary of the Batak of Palawan
  • Warren, Charles P.
REF PL 5569 W3 1959
A voice from Mt. Apo : oral written essays on the culture and world view of the Manobo / Arayam, Manuel ... [et al.] GEN DS 666 M35 V65 2005
A voyage around the world
  • Kingston, W.H.G.
GEN G 440 M87 1884
A voyage round the world, in the years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV, by George Anson, Esq., now Lord Anson, commander in chief of a squadron of His majesty's ships sent upon on an expedition to the South-Seas.
  • Walter, Richard, 1716?-1785
RARE G 420 A5 1767
A voyage round the world.
  • Gemelli Careri, John Francis
RARE G 440 G4
A voyage to New Guinea, and the Moluccas, from Balambangan; including an account of Maguindanao, Sooloo, and other islands ; and illustrated with thirty copper plates. Performed in the Tartar galley, belonging to the Honorable East India Company, during
  • Thomas, Forrest
RARE DS 601 F72 1779
A voyage to the Indian seas.
  • Legentil de La Galaisiere,
REF DS 668 P9609 1964 v.5
A voyage to the Philippines
  • Careri, Giovanni Francesco Gemelli
REF DS 668 P9609 1963 v.2
A walking tour of historic Intramuros
  • Cushner, Nicholas P.
REF DS 688 C986w 1971
A wartime legacy : the University of Santo Tomas during the second world war, 1941-1945
  • Torres, Jose Victor Z.
GEN LG 205 T67 2013
A wilderness of sweets
  • Cordero-Fernando, Gilda
GEN PS 9993 F4 W55 1973
A woman so valiant
  • Soliven, Pelagia Villaflor
GEN DS 686.6 S65 2005
A woman's impressions of the Philippines
  • Fee, Mary H.
GEN DS 659 F4 1910
A woman's impressions of the Philippines.
  • Fee, Mary H.
RARE DS 659 F4 1910
A woman's journey through the Philippines on a cable ship that linked together the strange lands seen en route
  • Russel, Florence Kimball
RARE DS 659 R8 1907
A woman's journey through the Philippines.
  • Russell, Florence Kimball
RARE DS 659 R8 1907
A word-building tagalog-English dictionary
  • Alejandro, Rufino
REF PL 6056 Al252 1982
A world history
  • McNeil, William H.
GEN D 21 M32 1979