Library Holdings

Title Author Copyright Class No
A world of songs GEN M 1627 W67
A world of words : in Ilocano and English GEN PL 5752 W8931 1980
A yankee in the Far East
  • Allen, George H.
GEN G 440 A43 1916
A year of plain folks
  • Marcelo, Severino S.
TXT NC 1726 P5 M3 1965
A young man cries for justice beyond his grave
  • Perez, Tony
GEN VB 315 P426y 1998
AB commercial directory of the Philippines, 1960-61 REF HF 5253 A18
Aba Ginoong Maria : the Virgin Mary in Philippine art
  • Belmonte, Charles
GEN N 8189.3 M35 B44 1990
Abaft the funnel
  • Kipling, Rudyard
GEN PR 4854 A2 1909
  • Untalan, Pelagia
TXT PL 6052 U61 1949
Abakadahen ta GEN PL 5571 M3348a 1983
Abandon ship! : death of the U.S.S. Indianapolis
  • Newcomb, Richard F.
GEN D 774 I5 N4 1958
Abe : a frank sketch of E. Aguilar Cruz
  • Joaquin, Nick
GEN N 7329 J574a 2006
Abide Joshua and other stories
  • Tiempo, Edith L.
GEN PZ 4 T563ab 1964
  • Maree, Judi
GEN PL 5571 M313a 1983
Abk GEN PL 5661 A11 1981
ABK 123
  • Terrey, Robyn
GEN PL 5559 T277a 1979
Abk 123 GEN PL 5571 A111 1979
Abk-123 GEN PL 6102 A11 1980
Abk: alphabet book GEN PL 5955 A11 1978
ABKD GEN PL 5987 A11 1977
ABKD 2 GEN PL 5087 A11 1982
ABKD : alphabet and numbers book GEN PL 5855 D816 1980
ABKD ng batang Pilipino TXT PL 6052 P45 1978
Abkd tinultulon= Abkd stories GEN PL 5987 A111 1990
Aboitiz : family & firm in the Philippines GEN HF 3816.5 M729 1998
Above and beyond, 1941-1945
  • Morrison, Wilbur H.
GEN D 767 M883a 1983
Above the crowd.
  • Tirol, Lorna K.
GEN CT 1791 T57
Abstract of Philippine statistics : April-June, 1951.
  • Philippines (Republic). Bureau of Census and Statistics.
RARE HA 1821 A36 1951
Abstracts of M.A. theses, 1953-1971 REF Z 5055 P5 X3 1972
Abstracts of papers presented to the Eighth Pacific Science Congress and the Fourth Far-Eastern pre-history Congress, November 16 to 28, 1953 REF Q 101 P119 1953
Abu : kawatasan para Pinatubu
  • Mallari, Joel Pabustan
GEN PL 6183.6 A28 2011
Abueva : chronology & list of works by Armando Burgos & Mabi David
  • Reyes, Cid
GEN NB 1027 A28 R48 2010
  • Mangkabong of Bohe' Baka
GEN PL 6115 Ab94 1987
Abuses in the Philippine government during the last quarter of the eighteenth century GEN DS 674 A28
Academic freedom : the Philippine Collegian, a special issue
  • Masakayan, Jose H.Y... [et al.].
GEN LG 989 A1 P54 1957 c.1
Acapulco : monografia, anecdotica, contemporanea.
  • Pintos L., Rosendo
RARE F 1391 A15 1949
Acapulco : text and photographs
  • De Varona, Esteban A.
GEN F 1391 A15 V3413
Acapulco en la historia y en la leyenda.
  • Alessio Robles, Vito, 1879-
RARE F 1391 A15 A4 1948
Acculturation in the Philippines; essays on changing societies. A selection of papers presented at the Baguio Religious Acculturation Conferences from 1958 to 1968. GEN HN 713 B33 1971
Acquiring eyes : the Philippine visuality, nationalist struggle, and the world-media system
  • Beller, Jonathan
GEN N 7327.2 B45 2006
Across four generations
  • Guevara, Guillermo B.
GEN CT 1798 G96 A3 1973
Across the Pacific : a novel founded on the melodrama of the same title
  • Blaney, Charles E.
GEN PZ3 B6107Ac 1904
Across the seas : three brothers find new lives in colonial Philippines
  • Sievert, Antonio R.
GEN HD 9156 M2 P62 S54 2004
Acta et decreta primi concilli Plenarii Insularum Philippinarum, Manilae, a die VII ad diam XXV Mensis Ianuarii Anno Domini MDCCCLI celebrati GEN BQV 966 Ac81 1956
Actas de la Asamblea Filipina SPA J 662 K22 1915 v.10
Acts and decrees of the second plenary council of the Philippines : held at the Holy Apostles Seminary, Makati, Metro Manila, from 20 January- 17 February, 1991 BX 837 P6 1991 P5
Ada, the life of Librada Avelino, or the Development of a soul
  • Varona, Francisco
GEN DS 686.6 A94 V37 1935 c.1
Adalan tam ya takwan na agsitang = Let's learn other languages: a phrase book for central Cagayan Agta
  • Mayfield, Roy
GEN PL 5545 M4534a 1981 c.1
Adalon taku udume ugud = Let's learn other languages: a phrase book for Kalinga: Tanudan
  • Daluping, Matilde
GEN PL 5851 D152a 1979 c.1
Adaptive strategies and change in Philippine swidden-base Societies GEN S 602.87 A326 1981
Adatrechtbundels GEN DS 665 A19 1919
Adatrechtbundels GEN DS 665 A19 1922
Address in the opening exercises of the academic year of 1927-1928 at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila
  • Hilario, Jose Salvador
REF RC 261 H541 1927
Address on commerce and the modern world in the opening exercises of the academic year of 1953-1954
  • Apacible, Mariano B.
REF LG 208 Ap11 1953
Address on engineering education and the national economy in the opening exercises of the academic year of 1951-1952
  • Mijares, Jose M.
GEN LG 208 M588 1951
Address on faith and confidence in the physician
  • Gisbert, Antonio
REF LG 208 G448 1968
Address on pharmacy : past and present
  • Rodriguez, Lorenzo
REF RS 99 R618 1948
Address on proposed measures of university welfare
  • Josefa Gonzalez Estrada
REF LG 208 Es88 1949
Address on realities in the study and practice of law and in the system of codification in the Philippines
  • Oben, Ramon T.
REF LG 208 Ob2 1955 c.1
Address on the international community -its law -its forms -its rights according to Francisco de Vitoria
  • Muñoz, Honorio F.
GEN LG 208 M926 1946
Address on the modern and Thomistic views regarding the constitution of psychological personality at the opening exercises of the academic year of 1941-1942
  • Blas, Angel de
REF LG 208 B612 1941
Address on the nature of Christian marriage
  • Garcia, Excelso
REF LG 208 G165 1961
Address on the politicalization of the people as the cornerstone of democracy
  • Concepcion, Roberto
REF LG 421 C65 1966
Address on the spirit of modern literature
  • Garcia, Carolina
REF LG 208 G165a 1964
Addresses, lectures and messages (1937-1963)
  • Cuenco, Jose Maria
GEN BX 4705 C8A8 1963
Adicion al catalogo de la seccion española comprende las islas de Cuba, Puerto Rico y Filipinas SPA T 500 G1 S54 1894
Adiciones y continuacio´n de "La imprenta en Manila" / Perez, Angel.
  • Perez, Angel.
SPA Z 186 P5 M6
Adios, Patria Adorada : the Filipino as ilustrado, the ilustrado as Filipino
  • Roces, Alfredo R.
GEN DS 675 R63 2006
Adlai Stevenson, 1900-1965, of the United Nations.
  • Stevenson, Adlai E.
GEN E 748 S84 R64 1965
Administracion espiritual de los padres agustinos calzados de la Provincia del dulce nombre de Jesus de las islas Filipinas
  • Villacorta, Francisco
SPA BX 2946 P5 V5 1833
Administration and management of barrio finance.
  • Olivares, Jose D.
GEN HJ 2161 O4 1966
Administration of justice by the military, 1974 GEN UB 845 P5 A34 1974
Administrative code of the Philippine Islands RARE JQ 1330 Ad238 1916
Administrative reforms in Asia GEN JQ 96 L44 1970
Admiral Dewey and the Manila campaign.
  • Sargent, Nathan
GEN E 717.7 Sa73 1947
Admiral Dewey at Manila and the complete story of the Philippines : life and glorious deeds of Admiral George Dewey including a thrilling account of our conflict with the Spaniards and Filipinos in the Orient
  • Stickney, Joseph L.
GEN E 714.6 D51 S753
Admiral George Dewey
  • Barrett, John
E 714.6 D51 B2 1898
Admiral George Dewey : a sketch of the man
  • Barrett, John
GEN E 714.6 D51 B2 1899
Admiral Halsey
  • Halsey, William F.
GEN E 746 H3 A3 1947 c.1
Admiral of the new empire : the life and career of George Dewey
  • Spector, Ronald
GEN V 63 D48 S64 1974
Ado nao masolo isnan liblo = There is lots to learn from books
  • Bacbac, Edith, ill.
GEN PL 5865 Ad239 1973
Adult education in the Philippines
  • Agorrilla, Amado L.
GEN LC 5257 P6 A65
Adult education in the Philippines
  • Agorrilla, Amado L.
GEN LC 5257 P6 A65
Adventure in Viet-Nam : the story of Operation Brotherhood, 1954-1957
  • Bernad, Miguel Anselmo
GEN RA 390 P6 B470 1974
Adventurers all : a tale of the Philippine Islands in war time
  • Eady, K. M.
GEN PZ 7 E11 A2
Adventures in a forgotten country
  • Polotan, Kerima
GEN DS 660 P6 A3 1975
Adventures in geography
  • Kay, Gertrude Alice
TXT G 570 K183 1941
Adventures in Rizaliana
  • Mendez, Paz Policarpio
RIZ DS 675.8 R5 M49 1978
Adventures of a Frenchman in the Philippines
  • La Gironiere, Paul P. de
GEN DS 658 L174 1972
Adventurous Armada : the story of Legaspi's expedition
  • Sharp, Andrew
GEN DS 674.9 L4 S5 1961
Aerial dogfights of World War II.
  • Pearl, Jack
GEN D 785 P359a 1962
Affairs : a novel
  • Infante, J. Eddie
GEN PR 9550.9 I5 A68 1984
Affairs in the Philippine Islands : hearings before the Committee on the Philippines of the United States Senate, April 10, 1902.
  • United States. Senate. Committee on the Philippines.
RARE DS 692.1 U3 1902 pt.1
Affairs in the Philippine Islands : hearings before the committee on the Philippines of the United States Senate.
  • United States. Senate. Committee on the Philippines.
RARE DS 692.1 U3 1902 pt.2
Affairs in the Philippine Islands : hearings before the committee on the Philippines of the United States Senate.
  • United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Philippines.
RARE DS 692.1 U3 1902 pt.3
Affairs in the Philippine Islands : hearings before the committee on the Philippines of the United States Senate. RARE DS 692.1 U3 1902 pt.3
Afghanistan : highway of conquest
  • Fletcher, Arnold
GEN DS 356 F57 1965
Afghanistan : land in transition
  • Watkins, Mary Bradley
GEN DS 352 W3 1963
Africa handbook REF DT 5 L36 1969
Africa today--and tomorrow : an outline of basic facts and major problems.
  • Hatch, John
GEN DT 31 H33 1960