Library Holdings

Title Author Copyright Class No
After the galleons : foreign trade, economic change & entrepreneurship in the nineteenth century Philippines.
  • Legarda, Benito J.
GEN HF 3815 L44 1999
After the romance : communities and environmental governance in the Philippines. GEN GE 190 P5 2008
After the storm : stories on Ondoy GEN GB 020 A38 2010
After this exile
  • Viray, Manuel A.
GEN PL 5539 V8 A36 1965 c.1
After you, Magellan!
  • Leys, James Farquarson
GEN G 463 L57 1927
Afternoon of the rising sun : the battle of Leyte Gulf
  • Friedman, Kenneth I.
GEN D 774 F899a 2001
Ag aklat ng Tagalog : The pioneer bilingual text-book on Tagalog philology and literature
  • Sevilla, Jose N.
GEN PL 5503 Se84 1923
Agadal tayo = Let's us learn: a reader for ilocano
  • Lumines, Namnama R.
GEN PL 5752 L9711a 1976
Against the national grain
  • Daroy, Petronilo Bn
GEN PS 9992.4 D3 1966
Agaw-dilim, agaw-liwanag
  • Abreu, Lualhati Milan
GEN JQ 1419 Ab86 2009
Agay-ayam tayo : pangrugian a pagbasaan-II GEN PL 5752 Ag18 1961
Agbasa kuy III
  • Gardner, Mary Jane
GEN PL 5955 Ag19 1966
Agenda for hope : ideas on building a nation GEN HC 455 Ag265 2009
Agenda for the 70s : youth & national progress. GEN HC 460 P6 A2 1970
Agenda for the seventies
  • Romulo, Carlos P.
GEN DS 686.2 R6 A53 1969
Agents of apocalypse : epidemic disease in the colonial Philippines
  • De Bevoise, Ken
GEN RA 650.7 D278a 2002
Agents of Apocalypse : epidemic disease in the colonial Philippines
  • De Bevoise, Ken
GEN RA 650.7 P6 D4 1995 c.1
Agrarian development and modernization in the Philippines
  • Weintraub, Dov
GEN HN 713.5 W45 1973
Agrarian reform : a bibliography GEN HD 905 Z9 V5 1965
Agrarian reform in the new society
  • Estrella, Conrado F.
GEN HD 906 E75 1974 c.1
Agrarian unrest in Southeast Asia.
  • Jocoby, Erich H.
GEN HD 865 J3 1949
Agrarian unrest in the Philippines : Guardia de honor - revitalization within the revolution and Rizalistas - contemporary revitalization movements in the Philippines
  • Sturtevant, David Reeves
GEN HN 713 S68 1969
Agreements on United States military facilities in Philippine military bases, 1947-1985 GEN JX 906 P48 1985
Agricultural credit in the Far East : proceedings of the first Far East Agricultural Credit Workshop GEN HD 1440 A8F37 1956
Agricultural development strategies in Asia : case studies of the Philippines and Thailand.
  • Ishikawa, Shigeru
GEN HD 9066 P63 L8 I85 1970
Agricultural practices of the Manobo in the interior of southwestern Cotabato (Mindanao)
  • Lopez, Rogelio M.
GEN S 471 P62 M55 1968
Agtuen kuy agbasa = A picture dictionary GEN PL 5955 Ag89 1982
Aguinaldo : a narrative of Filipino ambitions
  • Wildman, Edwin
GEN DS 676.8 A3 W55 1901
Aguinaldo : father of the Philippine Republic
  • De Ocampo, Esteban A.
GEN DS 676.8 A5 O75 1995 no.57
Aguinaldo and his captors : the life mysteries of Emilio Aguinaldo and adventures and achievement of General Funston; historical stories of two memorable men.
  • Halstead, Murat, 1829-1908
RARE DS 676 A3 A25 1901
Aguinaldo and the revolution of 1896 : a documentary history
  • Achutegui, Pedro S de
GEN DS 676.8 A3 D44 1972
Aguinaldo in retrospect : a volume issued to commemorate the centenary of General Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy with documents on the Philippine-American War 1898-1901, and the First Philippine Republic GEN DS 676.8 A3 P55 1969 c.1
Aguinaldo shrine GEN DS 689 K38A48 1978
Aguinaldo y su tiempo
  • De los Santos, E.
SPA DS 676.8 A3
Aguinaldo y su tiempo.
  • De los Santos, Epifanio
RARE DS 676.8 D362a
Aguinaldo's breakfast & more looking back essays
  • Ocampo, Ambeth R.
GEN PL 5536 O23 1993
Aguinaldo's hostage or, Dick Carson's captivity among the Filipinos
  • Hancock, H. Irving
GEN PS 3515 A483 A68 1900
Aguinaldo's independence army
  • Kimura, Ki
GEN DS 679 K4 1943
Aguinaldo's odyssey : as told in the diaries of Col. Simeon Villa and Dr. Santiago Barcelona
  • Villa, Simeon
DS 676.8 A3 V5 1963
Agustinos en America y Filipinas : actas del congreso internacional, v. 1.
  • Rodriguez, Isacio Rodriguez
SPA BV 2755 .A34 1990 v. 1
Agustinos en America y Filipinas : actas del congreso internacional, v. 2.
  • Rodriguez, Isacio Rodriguez
SPA BV 2755 .A34 1990 v. 2
Agyu : the Ilianon epic of Mindanao
  • Manuel, E. Arsenio
GEN PL 5914 M319 1969 c.1
Aide-de-camp to freedom
  • Kalaw, Teodoro M.
GEN DS 685 K3613 1965 c.1
Air escape and evasion. GEN G 525 S9 1963
Air force : novelization
  • Watson, John O.
GEN PS 3545 A87 1943
Air Force combat units of World War II GEN D 790 A533 1961
Air Force combat units of World War II GEN D 790 A533 1983
Aircraft carrier : the majestic weapon
  • MacIntyre, Donald
GEN D 770 M19 1972
Aireview's general view of Japanese military aircraft in the Pacific war GEN TL 685.3 A4e 1958
Aireview's general view of Japanese military aircraft in the Pacific war GEN TL 685.3 A5 1956
Akda kami'y Pilipino
  • Monleon, Fernando B.
TXT PL 5505 M65 1969 Gr.2 c.1
Akda kami'y Pilipino
  • Monleon, Fernando B.
TXT PL 5505 M65 1970 Gr.3
Akda kami'y Pilipino
  • Monleon, Fernando B.
TXT PL 5505 M65 1972 Gr.1 c.1
Akda kami'y Pilipino
  • Monleon, Fernando B.
TXT PL 5505 M65 1972 Gr.1 c.2
Akda: Tula at tuluyan para sa ikalimang baitang ng mababang paaralan
  • Monleon, Fernando B.
GEN PL 5505 A53 1970
Aklat ng bayang Bulacan
  • Santos, Mariano T.
GEN DS 689 B75 S26 2001
Aklat ng pag-ibig, bulaklak ng puso
  • Jacobo, P E
GEN HQ 801.5 J3 1960
Aklat ng paggagamot at pangangalaga sa sakit
  • Flores, S.
GEN QK 99 F46 1950
Aklat ng pagluluto: hinango sa lalong bantog at dakilang aklat ng pagluluto sa gawing Europa at sa Pilipinas, na kapwa nasusulat sa wikang kastila, at isinatagalog ng buong katiyagaan ni Rosendo Ignacio
  • Ignacio, Rosendo
RARE TX 725 I35 1916
Aklat-kulayan ng mga salawikain: mahalagang sangkap sa buhay
  • Silverio, Julio F.
TXT PN 6519 S54
Ako'y isang tinig : katipunan ng mga piling maiikling katha at sanaysay
  • Edroza, Genoveva D.
GEN PL 6165.4 E232 A3 1996
Al pie del Mayon : poesias
  • Garcia, Bernardo P.
SPA PQ 8897 G27 A4 1963
Al servicio del evangelio : provincia del Smo. Nombre de Jesus de Filipinas
  • Rodríguez, Isacio R.
SPA BX 2946 .P5 R64 1996
Alab ng puso : the Filipinos in World War II GEN D 802 P5 A58
Alamat ng ilang-ilang
  • Sevilla, Jose N.
GEN PL 6165.4 S5 A12 1908
Alamat ng mga kayumanggi : legends
  • Enriquez, Maria Salud
TXT GR 325 V7 1975
  • Ealdama, Eugenio
GEN DS 663 E34 1948
Album : Islas Filipinas 1663 -1888
  • Carino, Jose Maria A.
GEN N 7327.15 C277a 2004
Album de la artilleria española. SPA UC 485 S6 A7 1862
Album de oro de la Feria de la Paz y Confraternidad del Mundo Libre. RARE T 519 C1 A8
Album historico de la primera Asamblea Filipina SPA JQ 1354 T8 1908
Album of Philippine types (found in Bilibid Prison in 1903): christians and moros (including a few non-christians): eighty plates, representing thirty-seven provinces and islands.
  • Folkmar, Daniel
RARE GN 671 P5 F7 1904
Alexander Dalrymple (1737-1808) and the expansion of British trade.
  • Fry, Howard T.
GEN HF 3504.5 D35 F76 1970 c.1
Alfredo Carmelo : his life and art
  • Guillermo, Alice G.
GEN ND 1375 C35 G85 1990
Aliwan Blg.99 : nalanta sa madaling-araw GEN PL 5548.3 E83 N34 1947
All about Gemma GEN CT 1798 C78 A44
All it takes is political will : Isabela's palay and corn marketing assistance program GEN VF 5431 L45 2009
All the conspirators
  • Bulosan, Carlos
GEN PL 5542 B877a 1998
All the drowned sailors
  • Lech, Raymond B.
GEN D 774 I5 L4 1982
All the Presidents men
  • Bernstein, Carl
GEN E 860 B47 1974
All the way from Bataan to O'Donnell
  • Gloria, Claro C.
GEN D 767.4 G56 1978
All this hell : U.S. nurses imprisoned by the Japanese
  • Monahan, Evelyn
GEN D 805 P6 A433 2000
All this was Bataan
  • Tagarao, Silvestre L.
GEN D 767.4 T125a 1991
All-Asia guide
  • Wise, Donald ...[et al.].
REF G 155 A7 1982
Allalim un mambalikas = Folktales that speaks : a storybook in Limos-Kalinga
  • Awingan, Orlando
GEN PL 5851 A967a 1976
Allied Intelligence Bureau : our secret weapon in the war against Japan
  • Ind, Allison
GEN D 810 I53 1958
Alma mater
  • Palma, Rafael
SPA DS 686.2 P3 A5 1930
Almanac for a revolution.
  • Pichay, Nicolas
GEN PS 9993 P582a 2000
Almanac for Manileños
  • Joaquin, Nick
GEN DS 689 M2 J63 1979
Almanaque de Ntra. Sra. del Rosario. National Catholic almanac of the Philippines SPA BX 1656 A4 A42
Almanaque o calendario para el año del señor de 1864 RARE AY 1127 A443 1864
Almanaque sin almanaque para 1920. Dedicado al Centenario del descubrimiento del Estrecho de Magallanes, al Pacifico y Filipinas. SPA AY 1004 A45
Almirante Montojo & Commodore Dewey
  • Hernandez, Avelino
SPA PZ 7 H47 1998
Along the mission trail
  • Hagspiel, Bruno M.
GEN BV 2180 H3 1925
Along the right path
  • Sin, Jaime L.
BX 1656 S558 1999
Alphabetical list of battles, 1754-1900 : war of the Rebellion, Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, and all old wars with dates summary of events of the War of the Rebellion, 1860-1865, Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, 1898-1900,
  • Strait, Newton Allen
RARE E 181 S77 1900
Altar of secrets : sex, politics, and money in the Philippine Catholic Church
  • Rufo, Aries C
GEN BX 1658.2 P6 R84 2013
Alternative histories : martial law novels as counter-memory.
  • Pison, Ruth Jordana Luna
GEN PS 9991.8 P676a 2005
Alternative London
  • Saunders, Nicholas
GEN DA 679 A1565 1970
Always there's a thud : poems
  • Magno, Rosa Maria
GEN PL 5539 M356 A4 1987