Library Holdings

Title Author Copyright Class No
Alzina's Historia de Visayas : a bibliographical note
  • Hester, Evett Dorrell
SPA DS 688 B6 A4z H4 1962
Ama se atta : Isneg of Apayao GEN PL 5805 Am479 1957
Amadeo Y. Manalad : history's muralist
  • Guerrero, Amadis Ma.
GEN ND 1029 G934a 2003
Amang : the life and times of Eulogio Rodriguez, Sr.
  • Quirino, Carlos
GEN 686.2 R52 Q57 1983
Amang mapagmahal landas ng buhay serye 1: Religious of the Virgin Mary TXT BS 551.2 P441 1979
Amazons of the huk rebellion : gender, sex, and revolution in the Philippines
  • Lanzona, Vina A.
GEN HQ 1757.5 L36 2010
Ambassador in bonds!
  • Hamilton, Esther Yerger
GEN D 805 P6 H3 1946
Ambon, ulan, baha : sarswelang pinoy
  • Rivera, Frank G.
GEN PL 6061.3 R524 2003
Ambush bay
  • Pearl, Jack
GEN PR9550.9 P359a 1966
Ameca, protofundacion Mexicana : historia de la propiedad del Valle de Ameca, Jalisco y circunvecindad.
  • Amaya, Jesus
GEN F 1391 A54 A5 1951
Amendments to the manual of the postal telegraph service: edition of 1926, issued in 1926 and 1927: supplement no. 1.
  • Philippines. Bureau of Posts.
RARE HE 7263 A3 1928
America across the seas; our colonial empire GEN F 970 A51 1909
America and the Far Eastern question
  • Millard, Thomas F.
GEN DS 518.8 M6 1909
America and the Philippines
  • Crow, Carl
GEN DS 685 C885 1914
America and total war
  • Pratt, Fletcher
GEN U 102 P7 1941
America at war : the Philippines, 1898-1913 GEN DS 679 A45 2002
America in the East : a glance at our history, prospects, problems and duties in the Pacific Ocean
  • Griffis, William Elliot
GEN DS 518.8 G7 1899
America in the Pacific; a century of expansion.
  • Dulles, Foster Rhea
GEN F 970 D94 1938
America is in the heart : a personal history
  • Bulosan, Carlos
GEN PR 9550.9 B8 A8 1946
America is in the heart : Ilokano immigration to the United States , 1906-1930
  • Foronda, Marcelino A.
GEN JV 6891 F54 F67
America of yesterday ; as reflected in the journal of John Davis Long
  • Long, John Davis
GEN E 664 L84 L8 1923
America y los vascos : 1492-1992 GEN E 29 B35 A44
America's boy
  • Hamilton-Paterson, James
GEN DS 686.6 M37 H218a 1998
America's colonial desk and the Philippines, 1898-1934
  • Cruz, Romeo V.
GEN DS 685 C78 1974
America's dim mak points : unrestricted warfare in the 21st century.
  • Corpus, Victor N.
GEN HC 110 C8173a 2009
America's double - cross of the Philippines : a democratic ally in 1899 and 1946
  • Araneta, Salvador
DS 679 A63 1999
America's insular possessions
  • Forbes-Lindsay, C.H.
GEN F 970 F67 1906 v.1
America's insular possessions
  • Forbes-Lindsay, C.H.
GEN F 970 F67 1906 v.2
America's navy in World War II
  • Cant, Gilbert
GEN D 773 C27 1945
America's road to empire : the war with Spain and overseas expansion.
  • Morgan, Howard Wayne
GEN E 715 M85 1965
America's stake in Asia
  • Middleton, Drew
GEN DS 33.4 U6 M5 1968
America's territorial policy
  • Penn, Elizabeth
RARE HM 826 P412
America, the Philippines and the Orient GEN DS 685 M65 1932
American aces in great fighter battles of World War II.
  • Sims, Edward H.
GEN D 790 S54 1958
American apostles to the Philippines
  • Pier, Arthur S.
GEN DS 685 P578 1950
American Association of the Philippines : directory of members REF DS 685 Am512
American boy sea stories
  • Ellis, Griffith Ogden, introd.
GEN PZ 5 A511Se 1927
American boyhood & remember these rehse TXT NC 1429 R46 A63
American boys' life of William McKinley.
  • Stratemeyer, Edward
RARE E 711.6 S89 1901
American business and Philippine economic development.
  • Gleeck, Lewis E.
GEN HD 2905 G44 1975
American Caesar, Douglas MacArthur, 1880-1964
  • Manchester, William
GEN E 745 M3 M312 1978
American colonial careerist : half a century of life and personal experience in the Philippines and Puerto Rico
  • Malcolm, George A.
GEN JQ 1411 M3
American diplomacy in the Orient
  • Foster, John W.
GEN JX 1421 F7
American diplomacy, 1900-1950
  • Kennan, George Frost
GEN E 744 K3 1952
American economic history.
  • Faulkner, Harold Underwood
GEN HC 103 F3 1943
American economic policy toward the Philippines
  • Jerkins, Shirley
GEN HF 3126 J38 1954 Bk.11
American empire and the politics of meaning : elite political cultures in the Philippines and Puerto Rico during U.S. colonialism
  • Go, Julian
GEN F 970 G6 2008
American exiles in the Philippines, 1941-1946 : a collected oral narrative
  • McCallus, Joseph P.
GEN DS 666 A4 M44 1999 c.1
American family interned : Philippines, W.W. II
  • Carlson, Imogene
GEN D 805 U5 C37 1979
American government for use in secondary schools
  • Ashley, Roscoe Lewis
GEN JK 251 A822 1917
American guerrilla in the Philippines
  • Wolfert, Ira
GEN D 811.5 W832 1945 c.1
American ideals, character and life.
  • Mabie, Hamilton Wright
GEN E 169.1 M13 1913
American imperialism and the Philippine insurrection : testimony taken from hearings on affairs in the Philippine Islands before the Senate Committee on the Philippines, 1902 GEN DS 681.5 U4 G7 1969
American institutions in the Philippines, 1898-1941
  • Gleeck, Lewis E.
GEN DS 685 G555a 1976 no.28
American military occupation of the lake Lanao Region 1901-1913 : an historical study
  • Funtecha, Henry Florida
DS 688 L36 F86 1979
American military occupation of the Lake Lanao region, 1901-1913 : an historical study
  • Funtecha, Henry Florida
GEN DS 688 L4 F85 1979 c.1
American neo-colonialism : its emergence in the Philippines and Asia
  • Pomeroy, William J.
GEN DS 685 P64 1970 Bk.5
American policies as they affect Philippine economy : a study of colonial strategy GEN HC 455 A73 1967
American political and social history
  • Faulkner, Harold Underwood
GEN E 178 F282 1943
American PT boats in World War II
  • Chun, Victor
GEN V 833 C49 1976
American rubber planting enterprise in the Philippines, 1900-1930
  • Voon, Phin Keong
GEN HD 9161 P52 V66
American tariff policy towards the Philippines, 1898-1946.
  • Abelarde, Pedro E.
GEN HF 3126 A58 1947
American trade prospects in the Orient. GEN HF 3119 A6 1935
American war songs GEN M 1628 A6 W4 1925
American-Filipino relations (1898-1899). RARE DS 676 V6 A512
American-Philippine relations : a guide
  • Barritt, Marjorie
REF DS 679 Z9 B37 1982
American-Philippine trade relations : report of the Technical Committee to the President of the Philippines
  • Zafra, Urbano Alviar
THE HF 3126 A46 1944
Americanism and the Philippines
  • Peffer, William A.
GEN E 713 P37 1899
Americans in Eastern Asia : a critical study of the policy of U.S. with reference to China, Japan and Korea in the 19th century
  • Dennett, Tyler
GEN DS 518.8 D55 1922
Americans on the Philippine frontiers
  • Gleeck, Lewis E.
GEN DS 685 G63 1974
Americans one and all GEN PZ 1 S5am 1947
Americans, you die
  • Garcia, Robert L.
GEN D 805 J3 G37 1968
Americas new possessions and spheres of influence
  • Hamm, Margherita Arlina
REF E 713 H35 1899
Amerigo and the New World : the life & times of Amerigo Vespucci.
  • Arciniegas, German
GEN E 125 V5 A65 1955
Amidst unsung heroes & the battle of Porac
  • Dizon, Daniel H.
GEN DS 686.4 D59 2010
  • Fox, George
GEN PZ 4 F7923 1978
Among Asia's needy millions : journal of a visit to the Far East
  • Corey, Stephen J.
GEN DS 508 C785 1915
Amorsolo (1892-1972)
  • Roces, Alfredo R.
GEN ND 1029 A56 R63 1975
An acceptable holocaust : life and death of a boy-general
  • Kalaw, Teodoro Manguiat
GEN DS 675.8 D45 K35 1974 c.1
An acceptable holocaust : life and death of a boy-general
  • Kalaw, Teodoro Manguiat
GEN DS 675.8 D45 K35 1992
An act for the rehabilitation of the Philippines. RARE KPM 2686 Ac188
An advanced history of India
  • Majumdar, R.C.
GEN DS 436 M23 1960
An Agta grammar
  • Healey, Phyllis M.
GEN PL 5030 H349 1960
An American cruiser in the East : travels and studies in the Far East ; the Aleutian Islands, Behring's Sea Eastern Siberia, Japan, Korea, China, Formosa, Hongkong, and the Philippine Islands
  • Ford, John Donaldson
GEN DS 507 F67 1898
An American Doctor's odyssey : adventures in forty-five countries
  • Heiser, Victor George
GEN R 154 H33 A3 1936 c.1
An American history
  • Curti, Merle... [et al.].
GEN E 178 C975 1950 v.1
An American history GEN E 178 C975 1950 v.2
An American made tragedy : neo-colonialism & dictatorship in the Philippines
  • Pomeroy, William J.
GEN DS 686.5 P59 1974
An American surveyor in the Philippines : journals of James Warren Evans 1913-1916 GEN DS 685 Am35s 1998
An analysis of the decorative motifs of some Philippine cultural minorities GEN DS 666 T45 1972
An analysis of the racial adjustment activities and problems of the Filipino-American Christian fellowship in Los Angeles
  • Corpus, Severino F.
GEN BV 2788 F5 C67 1975
An analysis of the religious tattoos of the Pinatikan Devotion.
  • Rich, John A.
THE BR 1260 R498a 1969
An analysis of wife's labor force participation in the Philippines and the threshold hypothesis.
  • Paqueo,Vicente
GEN HC 455 P6 1979 no.13
An anarchy of families : state and family in the Philippines GEN HQ 680 A53 1994
An annotated bibliography of Philippine bibliographies : 1965-1974
  • Hart, Donn V.
REF Z 3291 A1 H3 1974
An annotated bibliography of the history of the sugar industry in Panay and Negros REF HD 9116 P5 Z9 A27 1963
An annotated bibliography of the United States Marine Corps in the Second World War REF Z 6725 U5 O7 1965
An Annotated bibliography on barrio councils
  • Hart, Donn Vorhis
REF Z 7165 P5 1965
An annotated bibliography on community development in the Philippines from 1946-1959
  • Cordero, Felicidad V., comp.
REF HN 716 Z9 C67 1965 v.1
An annotated bibliography on Philippine labor REF Z 7164 L1 U964 1979