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Troops for Manila last man climbing aboard. ROJR-002316 Stereoscopic Gems of American and Foreign Scenery
Burying Filipino Soldiers after the Battle of Malolos, P. I. ROJR-002318 [Anonymous] - B. W. Kilburn?
Adniral Dewey, "The Hero of Manila." ROJR-002315 Stereoscopic Gems of American and Foreign Scenery
U.S. Battle Ship Baltimore. ROJR-002314 [Anonymous] - circa 1898
Washing day passig [Pasig] river. Incidents of the Spanish-American War. ROJR-002313 [Anonymous]
Welcoming the Homecoming of Admiral Dewey and His Fleet. ROJR-002312 Whiting View Co.
U.S. Battleship "Oregon." ROJR-002311 Whiting View Co.
On the Eve of Departure for Manila. ROJR-002310 Whiting View Co.
Spanish S.S. Miguel Jover, U.S. Prize, Captured April 24, 1898. ROJR-002309 Keystone View Co.
The Battle of Manila Bay. ROJR-002308 [Anonymous]