Our Ortigas Library has rare book treasures a delight to read and research on. Take this small book The Sun God's Wife, published in 1937 by H.E. Stafford.

The most compelling map in the Ortigas Collection is the Treaty of Paris map, stretching 16 feet, once laid on a grand dining table in Paris in 1898, for Spanish and American negotiators to circle, review and engage in hard bargaining.


On his 3rd visit to the Philippines, top British artist-bookbinder will hold a 2-day arts and crafts workshop on creative bookbinding for artists and bookbinders with no or limited experience on March 13 to 14 and a 2-hour public lecture about two of his unique artist's books on March 15, 2018.

Palacio de Malacañang, World Heritage Sites and Living Cultures of the Philippines, and Ifugao: People of the Earth

An Ortigas Foundation Public Service

Mark Cockram, was elected Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 2001 and Brother of the Art Workers Guild in 2008. Member of the Society of Bookbinders and the Tokyo Bookbinding Club, visits Ortigas Foundation Library conservation facilities.

Today marks the 154th birth anniversary of our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

These portraits were taken from the year 1890 until 1892 (upper left: Rizal in 1890; lower left: Rizal in 1892; center: portrait on paper money; upper right: Rizal in Luna's house; lower right: Rizal in 1891).

Mr. James Zobel, Executive Director of the MacArthur Memorial Library talks about the destructive aspects of the Liberation of Manila and the issues that may provide closure to those tragic days of February 1945.

The story of a family's suffering during the Battle for the Liberation of Manila in the final stages of World War II.

The Ortigas Foundation Library's churches exhibit at the Casa de America in Madrid, Spain titled “The Lasting Links with Spain: The Churches of the Philippines” will run until January 31, 2015. Don’t miss the chance to visit this one of a kind exhibit. Visit Casa de America before the month ends.