Many fine books and countless photographs have been published in the last ten years extolling the charms of the major Spanish Era churches of the Philippines. Over this same period Atty. Rafael Ortigas, Jr. President of the Ortigas Foundation, started an ambitious project documenting all Spanish Era churches in the Philippines from the Manila Cathedral to the most remote provincial parish.

When we hear people speak of national heritage we usually think of venerable old buildings, artistic masterpieces by national artists or priceless ceramic or gold artifacts excavated from pre-colonial Philippine sites. What little government and institutional funding there is for historical preservation most often is spent on restoring ancestral homes, church facades and other public buildings or even historic districts.

Amid all the discussion in the press, academic circles and the political sector, as to whether or not English should be the primary language for education in this country, one of the greatest advantages of an English language education for Filipinos is almost always overlooked.

The Ortigas Foundation Library is very fortunate in that it will soon be lent an entire set of the National Geographic Society magazine collected by the Foundation’s chairman Rafael Ortigas Jr.. Atty. Rafa has been a life long collector of the magazine since his boyhood days in the 1950s when his father subscribed for their family. 

The Ortigas Foundation opened its new Library and Philippine Study Center on a handsomely renovated floor of the old Ortigas Building in Pasig. 2006 marked the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of Ortigas and Company and the Ortigas family members and their corporate partners felt it was important to give back something substantial to the community.