A Rare Man Who Loves to Read Literature

I noticed this man burrowing through our box of free books and then scrounging about in the book sale section. He came into the library to pay for his purchases. I noticed that they were literary books, not romance novels, self-help, or manuals.

Later in the day, he was back again, going through the books and selecting several more. He came in to say to reserve the books since he'd return later to pay. His uniform was that of an electrician working on the sixth floor of the new mall building. His demeanor was that of the lowest-ranking of electricians.

His love for literature warmed my heart. I told the staff when he returned to pay for the books that there had been a mistake; the books he selected were free. And in the future, any books he desired that were literary in nature would also be given for free and not for resale!

He came back, his face was quizzical when told of his bounty. He sported the biggest smile I had ever seen. This is my way of thanking the many donors to our Ortigas Library book drive which we either keep for our collection or share with other libraries in the country.