Library holdings

Title Author Class number Sort descending Copyright Material
The Filipino way of life : the pluralized philosophy Osias, Camilo PRINT
Philippine arithmetics, third grade Poblador, Honorio PRINT
Medical Rizaliana De Ocampo, Geminiano PRINT
Connecting flights : Filipinos write from elsewhere PRINT
Diary of the impeachment trial of the century : the Chief Justice versus the President and the biggest pork barrel scandal in history De Leon, Emmanuel B PRINT
Warriors, poets, friends : my life in the Mindanao mountains Obrero, Joven PRINT
Iriga : the travails of a city's historic odyssey Gerona, Danilo Madrid PRINT
Human face Doyo, Ma. Ceres P. PRINT
101 popular local myths and legends Young, Johnny C. PRINT
The Updated Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines (Batas Pambansa Blg. 881) PRINT
Kasaysayan ng mga pamayanan ng Mindanao at arkipelago ng Sulu, 1596-1898 Rodil, Rudy B. PRINT
History of the Department of Botany of the University of the Philippines Asis, Consuelo V PRINT
Messages of the President : Sergio Osmeña, 1944-1946 PRINT
Almanaque del Diario de Manila para 1880 PRINT
Manual para uso de los parrocos y demas personas eclesiasticas que desempeñan el sagrado ministerio en Filipinas PRINT
The Philippine climate almanac PRINT
The Philippines yearbook 2008 : a year of adventure PRINT
Roots of conflict Nunez Rosalita T. PRINT
Roots of conflict Nunez Rosalita T. PRINT
A Pangasinan folio '70 : a historical document PRINT
Jesse Robredo : his story Yabes, Criselda PRINT
In performance Fernandez, Doreen G. PRINT
Songs for Mama : Maria Marcelo Vda. de Ejercito [sound recording]. NON-PRINT
A Lawyer's fate and faith Meer, Antonio Malvar PRINT
Tanaw : catalogue of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas painting collection PRINT
Philippine herbs : for healthy cooking, common cures, and concoctions PRINT
Obras escogidas Burgos, Jose A. PRINT
Manila : selected papers of the 22nd annual Manila Studies Conference, August 27-29, 2013 PRINT
The many moods of Plantation Bay Eperson, Tom PRINT
Vocabulary of the English and Malay languages Swettenham, Frank A PRINT
Revving up research innovations for social development : methods and perspectives PRINT
Films from a "lost" cinema : a brief history of Cebuano films Deocampo, Nick PRINT
Structural justice and collective responsibility : the sociopolitical discourses of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines PRINT
USPI Philippine coinage under American sovereignty PRINT
Redentor Romero : an American affair Romero, Redentor PRINT
Complete geography Roddy, Henry Justin PRINT
Philippine Bedel, Maurice PRINT
Cesar Buenaventura : Filipino painter : his life and works Alvero, Jane Stangl PRINT
From Aquino II to Duterte (2010-2018) : change, continuity-and rupture PRINT
Louie Jalandoni, revolutionary : an illustrated biography Silverio, Ina Alleco R. PRINT
Direk : essays on Filipino filmmakers PRINT
Outsourceable selves : an ethnography of call center work in a global economy of signs and selves Fabros, Alinaya PRINT
Being right : ten years of trade tripper Gatdula, Jemy PRINT
Dandaniw Ilokano : mga tulang Ilokano, 1621-2014 PRINT
Gango at suwi : tungo sa pagtuyag = Old and new to soar PRINT
Paper and water : a guide for conservators Banik, Gerhard PRINT
Philippine flora Pangilinan, Janice F PRINT
Jose F. Fabella : the hero in white Ricafrente, Gerardo S. PRINT
Knowledge and pacification on the U.S. conquest and the writing of Philippine history Ileto, Reynaldo Clemena PRINT
Isang siglo : sandigan ng demokrasya, dangal ng sambayanang Pilipino, 1916-2016 PRINT
Don Antonio de las Alas : the small man with a tall shadow PRINT
Leyte : this lovely island PRINT
Project beacon : images of an initiative in corporate social responsibility Sunico, Ramon C. PRINT
Rizal : yesterday, today and tomorrow PRINT
Rizal : yesterday, today and tomorrow PRINT
The Story of the U.S. marines Hunt, George P PRINT
The Philippines and the Filipinos of yesterday PRINT
Corals of the Philippines : a field guide focusing on threatened species Smalley-Norman, Yasmeen PRINT
Flora & fauna in Philippine art PRINT
Fixation : notions of obsession AM 381 C66 F59 2002 BOOKS-GEN
Columbia chronologies of Asian history and culture / edited by John S. Bowman DS 33 C63 2000 BOOKS-GEN
Philippines : Gateway to orient from Legazpi to Malaspina / Ramon Gil-Casares Gil-Casares, Ramon DS 674.9.L4 F5513 BOOKS-GEN
A pen for democracy : a decade of articles, speeches, letters, interviews, and committee testimony published in the international press and the U.S. Congressional Record Manglapus, Raul S. DS 686.5 M36 1986 BOOKS-GEN
Bravehearts : kapampangan rebels, radicals & renegades who changed Philippine history DS 688 P19 B72 SERIALS
The battle of Leyte ; The battle of the Sibuyan Sea ; The battle of Surigao Strait ; The battle of Cape Engano ; The battle of Samar [videorecording] Salomon, Henry DVD-0006 DVD/VCD
Santiago [videorecording]. DVD-0018 DVD/VCD
Beyond conspiracy : 25 years after the Aquino assassination [videorecording] DVD-0019 DVD/VCD
Bata, bata... paano ka ginawa? [videorecording] Roño, Chito S. DVD-0022 DVD/VCD
Death row [videorecording] DVD-0026 DVD/VCD
Lapu-Lapu [videorecording] DVD-0037 DVD/VCD
Behind the veil : voices of Moro women [videorecording] DVD-0073 DVD/VCD
Behind the "second front" : a chronicle on lakbay kalinaw and International Solidarity mission (ISM), July 25-30, 2002 [videorecording] DVD-0074 DVD/VCD
Regions of the Philippines [videorecording] DVD-0077 DVD/VCD
Regions of the Philippines [videorecording] DVD-0078 DVD/VCD
Regions of the Philippines [videorecording] DVD-0079 DVD/VCD
Regions of the Philippines [videorecording] DVD-0080 DVD/VCD
Regions of the Philippines [videorecording] DVD-0081 DVD/VCD
Regions of the Philippines [videorecording] DVD-0082 DVD/VCD
Regions of the Philippines [videorecording] DVD-0083 DVD/VCD
Regions of the Philippines [videorecording] DVD-0084 DVD/VCD
Regions of the Philippines [videorecording] DVD-0085 DVD/VCD
Regions of the Philippines [videorecording] DVD0086 DVD/VCD
Children of yesterday Valtin, Jan GEN D 769.3 24th V35 1946 BOOKS-GEN
Talaga Mabini shrine GEN DS 676.8.M33 M33 1974 PRINT
Manual para el cultivo y beneficio del tabaco en Filipinas Lopez, Rafael Garcia GEN SB 278.P5 G37 1875 PRINT
Philippine Evangelical Protestant and independent Catholic churches; an historical bibliography of church records, publications, and source material located in the greater Manila area Von Oeyen, Robert R. GEN Z 7778.P48 V66 1970 BOOKS-GEN
A century of celebrations : the Aboitiz-Moraza family Aquino, Glenna GEN 753.A2 A68 2015 PRINT
Sartor Resartus : on heroes and hero worship Carlyle, Thomas GEN AC 1 E8 1965 BOOKS-GEN
Great books of the Western World GEN AC 1 G74 ROJR-GEN
Great books of the Western World GEN AC 1 G74 ROJR-GEN
Great books of the Western World GEN AC 1 G74 ROJR-GEN
Great books of the Western World GEN AC 1 G74 ROJR-GEN
Great books of the Western World GEN AC 1 G74 ROJR-GEN
Great books of the Western World GEN AC 1 G74 ROJR-GEN
Famous travels and adventures Vol. VI GEN AC 5 M3 1909 BOOKS-GEN
Famous battles by land and sea GEN AC 5 Y69 1902 BOOKS-GEN
The vengeance of the flag and other occasional addresses Estabrook, Henry D. GEN AC 8 E7 1914 BOOKS-GEN
Guide to the British museum GEN AM 101 B85 1965 BOOKS-GEN
Touch, discover, explore ! : the story of Museo Pambata. Franquelli, Jacqueline V. GEN AM 101 F73t 2004 BOOKS-GEN
Guide to the Money Museum GEN AM 101 G85 BOOKS-GEN