March 16 2017

A Tour of Pila Colonial Architecture, a Lecture on the oldest book printed there, & the best of Laguna Cuisine by your host Cora Relova

February 16 2017

Ortigas Foundation Library invites you to a book launch of the Boxer Codex

February 10 2017

Remembering the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of Manila

February 5 2017

The Churches of the Philipines

Our Lasting Links with Spain 

November 25 2016 to January 8 2017

Do your early Christmas shopping with Ortigas Foundation Library's unique fund-raising items. Perfect for gifts and giveaways this yuletide season!

Proceeds from the sale of these items will benefit the history, culture and art programs of OFL and the educational development programs of the Ortigas Foundation.

November 8 2016 to November 9 2016

Even with the advent of the latest record-keeping and imaging technologies now available, rare books and old documents are still best preserved physically. They are the true legacy of the past and witnesses of the passage of time.  How they survived the ravages of time may be a mystery but what remains is our responsibility to protect them for the next generations to behold. Do you feel sad looking at your precious books and print collection slowly deteriorating? Now you can learn how to restore your collection to its former glory and preserve them. 

September 29 2016

Lives of Muslim women caught in the cross fire