August 28 2013

Silencio Roto is highly romantic–and the fate of these star-crossed lovers–Lucia and Manuel is set against the national discord in Spain. By Montxo Armendariz (2001).

August 14 2013

By Victor Erice (1983) nominated for "Best Film" in Cannes Film Festival. This film tells the story of a little girl (Sonsoles Aranguren) living somewhere in the north of Spain and fascinated by the secrets of the south seemingly buried in the traits of her father (Omero Antonutti).

July 31 2013

A drama by David Trueba (2003). A novelist (Gil) who has abandoned her writing career tracks down the details of a true story from the last days of the Spanish Civil War. 

July 24 2013

A comedy by Carlos Saura (1990)

July 11 2013 to July 24 2013

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the State Visit of the King and Queen of Thailand

July 3 2013


by José Luís Garci based in Benito Pérez-Galdós' novel (1998) skjnskv slkjdfns vvfb

June 9 2013

Summer's out (and so is the heat!) so before the typhoons come, allow us to indulge you again with another FREE pre-launch edition of our latest addition 'Of Bombs, Big Guns and Lost Gold! WWII Tales 

May 31 2013

The Ortigas Foundation will share a traveling exhibition of selected Philippine antiquarian postcards from its library collection at this Cebu festival.

May 16 2013

Golden Screen Awards 2008 best film, direction, screenplay, actor,music Gawad Tanglaw Awards 2008 best film,direction, screenplay Star Awards 2008: best child actor, music score; Urian Awards 2008: nominations in all major categories.

May 14 2013

The 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Pacific: The Search for the “Other” Sea