Gift Card (big)

Gift Card (big)

Flora de Filipinas

A Spanish Augustinian priest, Fr. Manuel Blanco is remembered as the most famous Philippine botanist. His first two published lists of over 1,200 Philippine plants and their medicinal uses were not illustrated. However, thirty-two years after he died a magnificent, four-volume folio edition of his work was produced. From the years 1877-1883 approximately 477 different, full color, botanical lithographs for the grand edition were printed in Barcelona by Chofre and Company. Many of these were drawn by the leading Philippine and Spanish artists of the era, including Miguel Zaragoza, Felix Martinez, and Feliz Resurreccion Hidalgo. 

The Ortigas Foundation Library in Ortigas Center, Pasig City houses one of the largest collections of Flora de Filipinas illustrations; a collection put together by the Ortigas family over many years. This set of note cards has been reproduced from a selection of some of the finest original color lithographs in the library's holdings.

Gift cards with envelopes.

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