Honor The Legacy of Jose Abad Santos (DVD)

Honor The Legacy of Jose Abad Santos (DVD)

from Philippine World War II Memorial Foundation

Born and Raised in San Fernando, Pampanga in the late 19th Century, Abad Santos was influenced by the struggles of war to become a protector of the innocent and devoted his early years of studying to become a lawyer. 

He accomplished his goal of practicing law, and later on, contributed his skills and wisdom through public services, achieving one of the cleanest and most outstanding careers in the history of the Philippine government. 

When World War II broke out in the Philippines, the Commonwealth government was forced into exile, and only Abad Santos remained as the delegate of President Quezon himself. He coordinated with the free authorities and the military in the Visayas until he was captured by the Japanese Imperial Army in April 1942 

The Japanese interrogated Abad Santos persistently, but his incorruptible spirit never faltered. On May 1, 1942, Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos was executed in Malabang, Lanao Del Norte, Mindanao for refusing to collaborate with the Japanese. 

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